“Rowboats Adrift” is a set of three unique book arts developed from “Rowboat” by Kévin Pinvidic. These three objects tackle the reader from multiple angles, proliferating approaches and perspectives on the text through shattering and fragmentation.

They embody a privileged means to prompt visitors to question the acts of writing, choosing a book, reading and decoding it. The reader becomes involved in a solitary experience, a direct and intimate relationship with the object.

Each artist’s book is unique, with a very strong identity and aimed at revealing the power of this medium—it can be drastic, but also extremely sensitive and delicate.


The mirror-book

The hidden-book

The scarf-book

Kévin Pinvidic attaches great importance to offering the spectator a singular artistic experience. Originally trained in architecture, his work addresses our relationship with space. Starting from the premise that technology occupies a prominent role, he maintains that it also confines us to an alienating and unilateral understanding of the world. Through his work as a plastician, Kévin Pinvidic offers alternatives by exploring motion perception. Incidentally, he has crafted a whole series on the mapping of wanderings, inspired from urban walks and the work of situationists.

Sylvianne Rivest-Beauséjour is looking to sharpen her vision, to gaze aptly at what surrounds her: be it objects and their origins, living beings, architecture, landscapes, or even one’s inner realm. Realizing that the modern man is becoming less and less deeply spatially aware, she reflects upon the time one allocates to nurturing and exploring one’s private world. Her work questions whether this sacred space is also facing the threat of extinction.