Catherine Lavoie

In the last few years, Catherine has been interested in the documentary and podcast worlds. She has incidentally received with Marie-Isabelle Rochon an honorable mention at the Prix Lizette-Gervais, an award attributed to the up-and-coming Quebec journalists. Catherine also does voice-over work for film dubbing, documentaries, advertisements, and video games.

As a graduate from École supérieure de théâtre de l’UQÀM, Catherine Lavoie has appeared in Toute femme (Espace GO), Eddy F. de Pute, Noces de Sang (Théâtre Prospéro), Réhabilitation (The Other Theatre), Les Atrides (Théâtre Point d’Orgue), and Les Savants (Théâtre Aux Écuries).

She has worked with Les Néos-Théâtre Néo-futuriste, a theatre company that distinguishes itself with a documentary approach and a will to establish a direct connection with the public. Thanks to this project, she flew to Chicago in 2015 to play a role in Ibsen’s Ghosts, a Mary-Arrchie Theatre production. Her interest in reality-based theatre was sharpened in 2016 when she took part in Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind from the American group called The New York Neofuturists, and in The Infinite Wrench, another production from the same company presented in San Francisco in 2017.