What is Chaloupe?

The creation of Chaloupe started four years ago in Berlin, in Germany, in a city with a particular atmosphere; surrounded by this typical mix of German irreverence, rationality and spirited sense of humor.

It comes from a desire to propose a polymorphic play, as contrasting as Berlin’s cultural diversity. Using French Canadian, English as well as German to offer a music that reflects our multicultural generation, a linguistic mix.

It comes from a need to talk about the feminine sexuality, in a playful way with as least bashfulness as possible. Make a play that turns you on much more than conventional pornography, more suggestive, more authentic because of its sneaky humanity, freedom and brightness. It talks about the origin of desire.

The theatrical version of Chaloupe at the La Licorne theatre is the key centre of a multidisciplinary project bringing together artists from different countries and from different mediums. Chaloupe deploys itself like an octopus, like a hand with five fingers: